Contorno (Work In Progress)

Contorno is an open source sans serif font family currently being developed by italian designers Francesco Ulleri and Giulia Spedalieri.

The goal of this project is to create a typeface which provides the same round, modern and visually appealing style of a circle-based grid system, without compromising in terms of legibility and usability.

All of that builds up to deliver a distinctive yet versatile font, which finds its best use in headlines and short paragraphs.

When paired with other round typefaces, Contorno retains it own uniqueness while being able to form powerful combinations: Quicksand, Comfortaa, Varela Round, and Nunito are some of the best typefaces to use in conjunction with Contorno.
The result is an enticing style which greatly rewards unusual color choices and layouts, inspiring new possibilities to be discovered in the creative field.

New fonts are to be added in the future, expanding the family and increasing the range of applicability. You can download the latest version of the Contorno Font Family here:

Special thanks to Prof. Enrico Bisenzi for the help and supervision on this project.
You can find his works here and here.